Ontario Black Bear Hunting

Northwestern Ontario has the biggest and the densest population of Black Bears in the world. Black Bears in our area are common in the 225 to 425-pound range. There are bigger massive males hanging around. In the fall of 2005 a truck hit a 1000-pound Black Bear just down the road from us. Our Black Bears also come in color variations, which are known as Blonde and Cinnamon bears.

Our BMA (Bear Management Area) is approximately 35² miles and is stuffed with big trophy Black Bears. All of our bait stations are close to a mile apart and because of such a high population of bears, we only need to start baiting 2 weeks before the hunt. The closest bait station is 1.5 miles from the lodge and the farthest is 25 miles from the lodge.

Due to liability issues, we do not supply tree stands anymore. You have to bring your own. We do have bait stations, which are easy for physical challenged people to get to, but they need to bring a tree stand that they themselves know they can get into. In some cases, a ground blind is more practical.

We help with retrieval and field dressing. Skinning is not included. We also have a local butcher and taxidermist that specialize in wild big game.

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