Northwestern Ontario Moose Hunting

Northwestern Ontario is one of the top Moose hunting destinations in Canada. Our rich fertile land and countless miles of wilderness produce a very healthy population of Moose as well as high numbers.

Each year we receive 2 adult Bull Moose hunting tags and one adult Cow Moose hunting tag. We also have unlimited calf tags. Our hunts take place in WMU 5, 6, 8 and 7B.

The terrain in our area is quite a mix and gives you the opportunity to hunt in places you prefer to hunt. Our land consists of swamp, lake hunting, thick bush, standing forest, cut-overs, logging roads, atv trails, hills, valleys and marshland. So no matter what terrain you like to hunt in, we have it.

We help our Moose hunting guests retrieve your animal and will assist in field dressing. We also have a local butcher who will process the meat for you.

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