Dryden Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

For years the Dryden / Vermilion Bay area has been the best kept Whitetail Deer hunting secret in Canada. Then a couple of years ago, poachers shot one of the biggest and most impressive Bucks in history. The Dryden Buck, as it's known today, was an Ontario record and very close to being a world record.

Now all eyes are focused on our area. Whitetail hunters from all over the world want to come to Dryden to hunt Whitetails. The fact that you can not hunt here unless going through a local outfitter has protected the Whitetail population. As a result, the Dryden / Vermilion Bay area remains one of the top places in the world for deer hunting.

Our Buck hunting package includes:

  • Cabin (Fisherman's Package)
  • Boat, motor, gas
  • Area map
  • Recovery assistance
  • One day guiding service

    Buck License, Export permit and tax not included


    Deer Tags can be picked up prior to arrival. They can hunt in WMU 6, 7B & 8 only. Non-residents cannot hunt in WMU 5.

    2010 Whitetail Deer Hunting Photos

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