Main Lodge

Overlooking Canyon Lake, our main lodge was build somewhere around 1936 with an addition added in the 1980's. The main part is old log where the original camp owner, Mrs.Ethel Moore used to live and cook for all of her guests. We still have a couple of guests who came to the lodge back then and they tell us that Ethel was an amazing hard working woman!

The lodge is a gathering place for our camp suppers, family gatherings, rainy day games, fooze ball, krokinole and where you can find some basic tackle, souvenirs, treats, ice machine, and where Wayne will go over the lake map with you.

We have taken great care in decorating the lodge with fish, deer and moose mounts, fur pelts from Lydia's dad who is a trapper and native made moccasins and gauntlets with beautiful bead work that were given to Lydia's parents.

There are many games, puzzles and books in the lodge. Feel free to help yourself to a paperback book and if you don't finish it, take it home as we have a take a book, leave a book system.

Wifi and satellite television is also available in the lodge so you can catch the weather, check your emails or watch that game you didn't want to miss.

Just outside the lodge is where we keep our minnows and leeches. Just ask Wayne or Lydia and we can get your bait for you.

Just down the small hill from the lodge is THE YURT. It is a covered area with a propane BBQ, dual and single propane cookers, working countertop, benches, picnic table and fire pit. Feel free to use this area anytime. It is great for frying your fish outside and bigger groups to gather for supper. Sit around the camp fire in the evening and eat s'mores with the kids, make memories that they won't forget.

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