Safe Trap Set Tool For Body Grip Traps:

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    "A quality tool priced at $46.95 US with a lifetime guarantee!" Robbies Trap Set safely set and releases springs on any size body grip trap with one hand easily removes stiff or frozen catches, large beaver and coon wedged tight in the trap frame (or your own hand!), safer and easier than any other method.

    You don't have to be on solid ground to use Robbies Trap Set. You can set the springs when you are up to your waist in water or in the boat while you run your outboard motor with the other hand.

    The Trap Set was developed by Robbie Robinson who has trapped a remote government territory in NorthWestern Ontario for over 30 years. He has been a bush pilot for this time aswell flying fishermen, firefighters and transportation for people in Northern settlements even up in Northwest Territories. Now semi-retired from flying but still going strong trapping he needed to develop a tool to assist him out on the trapline. "My hands don't work like they used to 20 years ago. When you are out in freezing temperatures and your hands are wet it just isn't that safe or easy setting those traps." says Robbie.

    The Trap Sets one hand operation easily pre-sets or releases the springs on any body grip type trap from the Megabear to the #110.

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